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  • Jen Cunnings 1113 Hampshire Lane, Suite 3 Richardson TX 75002 USA (map)



ONLINE portion: All times are 6:30 – 8:30pm CST:

Class via Zoom on 4 weekly Thursdays’s starting May 30th - June 27th (excluding June 13th).

You are welcome to just take Mastery Online on it’s own, however you must complete the Mastery class to be eligible to take the PRACTITIONER certification class.

Click here for Practitioner Weekend details

Trinity Self-Mastery is all about self-love and self-care. Empaths, this one is for you! You can allow this 4 week series to support you while you create massive change and integrate new powerful practices that will be certain to expand your heart and consciousness.

Self-Mastery class is for accelerated self-LOVE and consciousness expansion in a powerful, light-speed manner. It builds and expands the foundation of connecting to your higher-self to change habits and create alignment with true self.  The focus is creating your reality and further opening and accessing your divine self. It is also a pre-requisite to taking the Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Class. (June 29th & 30th)

Check out this video describing my experience with Trinity which includes a guided mediation and energy healing at minute 24.


“How can I accelerate my spiritual development, in the most powerful and natural way?”
“How can I clear all the old emotional baggage and blocks?”
“How can I be the most powerful and true version of myself?”
"How can I manifest my desires and truly create the life I want?"

Trinity Energy Progression™ is way of connecting to and communing with your Divine self. Discover how you can move into alignment with your desired life by applying this practice to yourself.  Trinity helps you to recognize that “enlightenment” and “ascension” isn’t anything to attain, but is something to remember and reawaken.



§  Helps you to remember you are infinite, powerful, and divine.

§  Helps you to access intuition and enhance spiritual gifts.

§  Upgrade your “operating system” to accelerate creation and manifestation.

§  Greatly enhanced meditation practice with greater ease.

§  Helps one to align with the truth of who they are and why they’re here;

§  Easy-to-use yet powerful energy healing modality either in person or remotely.

§  Accessing guidance, higher consciousness, and increasing spiritual awareness.

§  Enables one to do advanced energy healing/psychic work

Personal investment: $440 for mastery class

Join Trinity Energy Progression Instructor/Facilitator, Jen Cunnings for this transformational weekend!! Here’s what her latest students have to share about their experience:


~This was an amazing experience. I have noticed old belief systems changing in myself. I have felt a lighter energy around me. I use it almost daily on myself and can feel the calm come over me. Looking forward to everything to come! (Student from 2/2016 class)

~ It was truly an enlightening experience! I feel lighter and brighter already. I’m excited to see what else comes my way. Jennifer is amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor (Student from 2/2016 class)

~ “As a person who began energy healing training over 20 years ago, Trinity Energy Progression has had one of the most profound shifts in how I work with energy healing and how my perception and awareness of myself and has shifted…” – Jennifer C (my testimonial after class!)

About Jennifer

Jen is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Trinity Energy Facilitator.  She has an online and private practice in Richardson, TX. where she meets with clients bring about massive shifts by unlocking old beliefs and emotions to open up a space for new creations. She is passionate about teaching others how to do this themselves and believes in empowering others so they can find the answers within.  She has been teaching Reiki and other energy healing classes, like Trinity Energy Progression for over 7 years and has been practicing energy healing for over 20 years.

You can check out over many client testimonials describing Jennifer's work here!