I have been on a spiritual, self-introspective healing journey for over twenty years and after a fifteen year career in corporate recruiting and human resources, I was called to step out and help others like yourself!

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Jen is a powerful energy healer who has coached and facilitated thousands of client sessions supporting change and transformation. She specializes in working with empaths in areas of empowerment, self-love and emotional healing. Using her unique intuitive gifts along with many years of trainings, she can address healing at many levels. In-person and online/phone sessions available!

I began learning about energy healing over 20 years ago, starting as a Reiki Master, than a Master Teacher.  I also became a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and have taken many other trainings and certifications over the years that I could list, but you'd be bored (listed below anyway)!  These classes, have helped me to help my clients, but they're not the main reason I am an effective coach and healer.  I have innate intuitive healing gifts that I bring forth in every session, so not one session with me is the same. 

I let my guidance lead me to what areas are most important to address in a session with you.  Each meeting is unique and personally customized as to what's going on in your life, emotions, mental state and body at that time. 

Some common issues we address in session include

  • Self-judgment, such feeling like you're not enough

  • Often wishing things were different, but not knowing how to change.

  • Fear of moving into what you really want.

  • Feeling consistent anxiety or stress, even if it's low levels, it tends to be constant

  • Feeling overwhelmed by life and sometimes just want to give up

Clients who benefit most from sessions or classes with me....

  • Have tendency towards being sensitive to emotions of others and outside influences (often labeled an empath).

  • Have tried traditional therapy with minimal results.

  • Want to create healthy boundaries in their relationships.

  • Have been drawn to spirituality, meditation or alternative healing.

  • Would like to create and feel more peace and flow in life.

  • Tend to just “know” things and have heightened perceptions and intuitions.

  • Resonate with law of attraction, but don’t know what blocks you from creation.

  • Would like to heal and release negative emotions and baggage to create a clean slate.

“Going to see Jennifer was the best decision I have made in a long time. Who knew 2 hours could make such an immediate and long lasting positive impact.”
— Natalie Bartok


  • BS in Interpersonal Communication & Public Speaking

  • Certified Professional Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner

  • Board Certified Holistic Health Coach

  • Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator

  • Heart 2 Heart Energy Healing Practitioner

  • Access Bars and Access Facelift Practitioner

  • Light Language Channel and Activator

  • Chakra healing with tuning forks certification

  • Certified Angel Card Reader

  • Body Code and Emotion Code