Happy Clients

Jennifer is a loving, intuitive, intelligent caregiver...
— Shelley F.

“I have been seeing Jen regularly for just over a year. I was first drawn to [her] as I was looking for help to supplement the traditional medicine approach I was following for a cancer diagnosis. Jennifer has helped me tremendously through this process, and with so much more involving my personal life, with her energy work, her insight, her support, and the warm and welcoming environment she has created for her classes.”



“There are no words to express my experiences with Jennifer. She is an enlightened soul and has helped me find my true gifts in life. Her light energy makes it easy to open up to her. She accepts you as you are with no judgement. When I leave sessions with her I feel light and my spiritual practices always deepen. She is simply a joy and the best in the area. Thanks you Jennifer for all that you do.”

— J.L.

“Going to see Jennifer was the best decision I have made in a long time. Who knew 2 hours could make such an immediate and long lasting positive impact.”

— Natalie Bartok

“It is absolutely amazing to work with Jennifer! She gets right to the heart of the issue and works with you to release all the junk that's holding you back. She does it with compassion and love. She has helped me make remarkable changes in my life and I will forever be grateful.”

— Amy Graham


“I have been going to Jennifer for Reiki for over 3 years and she does such a fantastic job. Jennifer is informative, caring, loving and thorough in everything she does. I am so glad to have found her and built a great relationship with her! She has helped me with personal goals, energy work and mostly support. Thank you Jennifer!”

—Lauren O'Connor


“Jennifer knows her trade very well. Does an excellent job of reading her clients and developing a program custom fit for each person's need. The energy she is able to create for a positive outcome is extraordinary.”

— Laura W.

Jennifer's skills helped me from the very first session. She is thorough and meticulous in getting to the purpose of that particular session. I walked away with great insights and am looking forward to working with Jennifer again to take this information and go further in my spiritual and personal journey."

— Thomas Nunez

“Wish I would have gone to Jennifer much earlier! This experience made a significant impact on my sense of clarity and wellbeing. Very much looking forward to my next session.”

— Cory G


“These healing energy sessions have changed my life! I started at grieving and now I am continuing with living “IN” earth with happiness, not just on earth.  Thank you Jennifer for changing my life and bringing my light back. :-).” 
~ Amber S


“Jennifer is the real deal! She has always been able to help me identify and clear my energy blocks. Whenever I get in a funk, I know who to call. Thank you, Jennifer!”
~ Gaylan Goodnight

“Jennifer has a gentle and loving heart. She shares her wisdom and energy freely and expertly. I always feel so blessed from our sessions. Wonderful session helped me clear my energy. Was looking for clarity of mind and spirit and that was what I got. Thank you so much!”
~ Tracye Eppler

Magical, enlightening
“I think I was out of balance with my chakras after my mean and bossy older sister gave a hard time, and some health issues was present after this hard time, for me not able to release this negative experience, even forgot her, and Jennifer check my chakras, and was lucky only unbalanced the one for emotions, and she stabilized the energy and you can see the difference after her session, I was so pleased with her, and looking forward to coming back to see her again.” ~ Hilda Z

Two thumbs up and more!
“It is absolutely amazing to work with Jennifer! She gets right to the heart of the issue and works with you to release all the junk that's holding you back. She does it with compassion and love. She has helped me make remarkable changes in my life and I will forever be grateful.” ~ Amy Graham

Loved it!!!
“Going to see Jennifer was the best decision I have made in a long time. Who knew 2 hours could make such an immediate and long lasting positive impact.” ~ Natalie Bartok

Very knowledgeable and professional
“Jennifer knows her trade very well. Does an excellent job of reading her clients and developing a program custom fit for each person's need. The energy she is able to create for a positive outcome is extraordinary. ” ~ Rupesh K

Unbelievable experience
“You have to take Jennifer's classes and have some work done by her. She is one of the most talented people I have met. The healing energy that she has and teaches is beyond comparison to anything. Go visit with her.” ~ D.I.

A Blessed Experience
“Jennifer's trust of her natural gifts together with her extensive knowledge of energy healing has helped me make a powerful shift in my life, again! Thank you!!!!” ~ Tracye Eppler

Immense Power
“Jennifer healing power is immense and beautiful. Her ability to adapt each session to my needs has helped me unlock the door to issues that have plagued me since childhood. My body and spirit heal as a result of each interaction with Jen. She is a treasure in my life.” ~ Laura W

Jennifer is a must see!
“Every experience I have had with Jennifer has been amazing! She has so many resources up her sleeve that every session with her is a bit different depending on what is going on in my life. Jenn just goes with the flow to solve the issues at hand. I have done sessions with her and attended her classes. Wow to both!” ~ Amy Graham

Therapy for the soul...
“I'm not exaggerating. Jennifer is truly gifted and can focus right in on what is blocking me from peace, health and self awareness.” ~ Laura G

Helpful & kind
“Jennifer Cunnings is a helpful, kind facilitator and energy worker. I strongly encourage using her services.” ~ Camille DeSalme

What a difference!
“I went into see Jennifer as a new client. I had a wonderful experience! I would say my overall result was transformative and awesome. I would definitely recommend her to others.” ~ Alexandra S

Jennifer is the best!
“Going to see Jennifer is a magical and soothing experience. She has helped me work through several difficult issues around relationships, self-love, and money. I always leave her office feeling centered and peaceful. Can recommend her enough.” ~ Jana P

Life Changing
“I was at a point where I thought I should see yet another psychiatrist and possibly get back on medications for depression/anxiety/etc. But then I found Jennifer & Reiki and in a very short amount of time my life has profoundly changed! Its true the saying "when the student is ready the teacher will appear". Jennifer has been my teacher, my healer and my friend and I am forever grateful! What a beautiful soul I am thankful to have crossed paths with in this lifetime. Keep up the great work!” ~ Robin Cogburn

Jennifer Rocks
“Jennifer is a wonderful teacher and practitioner because she teaches and practices completely from her heart, soul and inner wisdom. She is unpretentious. She is all about you, the student, the client. Her work is deeply impacting and creates an environment for you to experience lasting change and growth. I know I have. Thank you Jen!” ~ Mary Ellen Dorey

Jennifer Rocks!
“This was my first visit with Jennifer and I was extremely impressed. One of my friends recommended her to me and this was one of the best experiences I have had! It was so informative and had a profound effect on me - I have been stuck for quite some time and she has helped open things up for me. I look forward to more positive things coming my way now.” ~ R.K.

Five Star Rating
“I absolutely love Jennifer with My Heart Reiki. She is very caring and compassionate. She wants to help her clients overcome or understand obstacles that might prevent them being the ultimate best self. She is great. I highly recommend her!!!” ~ Sonja K

Compassion and Healing
“Jennifer Cummings is such a compassionate and gifted reiki master who walks her client through the understanding of this ancient form of healing. Reiki has released trapped emotions for me that traditional talk therapy could not reach. I am so grateful to Jennifer! She shares her expertise in guiding her clients to healing. Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Such a positive experience. Thank you, Jennifer!!” ~ E.B.

One of the best
“Wonderful experience Jennifer is truly gifted in this area in tune with her body allowing you to have one of the most amazing experiences. I recommend this service to any one struggling with trapped emotions.” ~ Joannie W

First Timer :)
“I am very new to reiki and was not exactly sure what to expect. My experience with Jennifer was incredible! I am very thankful to have been referred to her and look forward to working with her!” ~ Christina Perez

Love Jennifer's Healing Work!
“I love seeing Jennifer for Reiki and energy healing. She is always right on point and very balanced in her assessment and treatments. Will definitely go back.” ~ Debbie Martin

“My appointment with Jennifer was AMAZING. She is very knowledgeable, and extremely kind. Can't wait to go back!”~ J.L.

Powerful healing!
“Jennifer is a powerful, talented and compassionate healer. Her energy healing and coaching is better than any massage or therapy appointment!” ~ Laura W

Every Session with Jen is a Gem!
“Wow! I did not realize I had a lot of built up junk in my body and mind. Jennifer intuitively knew what I needed and went straight to work. I left feeling like a new woman thanks to Jennifer!” ~ Eva D

“I feel an amazing change after my session with Jennifer. For the reasons I felt the need for Reiki I feel a forever change from the inside out!” ~ Jennifer W

“I went to Jennifer for my first "actual" Reiki session. I don't often meet people who are truly as gifted as she is -- her energy is this brilliant light that seems to shine through every part of her. I went in feeling tired and bogged down with 2015, and am so grateful for the perspective she's given me for the new year. If you’re at all afraid of the idea of energywork, she’s a wonderful conduit and helpful at not only explaining everything but also expertly using her gift. She was amazing!” ~ Amanda M

New Perspective
“Another great session with Jennifer! So often we are feeling weighed down because of a squeewed perspective. With Jennifer's amazing help I was able to clear the old and see clearly. I always feel so much lighter after a session with her!”~ Amy E

Exceptional experience
“What an incredible experience, Jennifer cleared the energy that needed to go; gave me tools that I was missing. Helped me to understand and see what I need to see and feel what my heart is missing out on. Jennifer has incredible energy for those who are open to receive. Thank you Jennifer for being the giver that I needed and helping me be open to receive. I'll be back for more energy work!” ~ Muse

Great Experience!
“Jennifer is wonderful!! This was my first Reiki experience and I plan on returning to do more sessions as I continue my journey on emotional healing.” ~ Barby Coulter

Great energy
“Jennifer is very sweet and made me feel comfortable right away. She had great energy and helped me understand my issues. I left her office feeling better with helpful advice.”~ Lisa C

“Jennifer was very comforting after a few minutes of meeting her. She explains things very well and I trusted her immediately. She is the real deal and I have the upmost respect for her. I highly recommend her.” ~ Jessica Criscoe

“Jennifer is an amazing spiritual coach. I came away from our time together with a different perspective then how I was originally viewing things. In turn it has created a positive effect on me as I go forth. The Reiki session left me relaxed, peaceful, along with a general feeling of well being.” ~ Jan L

Bringing light into our heart
“Jennifer is truly gifted and has opened us to the world of Reiki. She has a warm, gracious, caring and healing approach. Jennifer asks insightful questions and outlines specific tools and affirmations that leads oneself to inner peace. From the moment we met Jennifer, there was a sense of safety and well being. Thanks for showing us the “Light and Energy” from within.” ~ Kim F

Energetic BM
“Like our physical bodies, our energetic bodies can become blocked with old stagnant energy that no longer serves us; the stuff we have gleaned all of the usefulness out of and all that is left is the waste that comes from uselessness. So in this very real sense energy work can be like a bowel movement for the soul. So Jennifer - This is the best compliment I can give - I just had the most satisfying dump! Thank you!!!!!” ~ Gail Blair

Every Session is Life Enhancing
“I started coming to Jennifer a year ago. With her intuitive, spiritual help, I have become healthier and wealthier plus old sad issues have been gently laid to rest. No matter if you are young or old, "New Agey" or not, you will gain something positive every session you have with Jen!” ~ Eva D

Housecleaning for the SOUL!
“I was referred to Jennifer by a friend. So glad I was! Jennifer is kind, compassionate and intuitive. After 3 sessions I feel like I am making so much progress on clearing out negative energy that has been residing in my body for too many years. Looking forward to more sessions!” ~ M.H.

Jennifer is Amazing
“I am chiropractor and have done tons of personal healing and emotional release work on my self. I had never done a Reiki secession before. The experience is amazing. Jennifer is very intuitive and found thinks that I am positive will help. I am excited to see what results i will get and i am definitely going back.” ~ Ray Nannis

Very relaxing
“I have been feeling very relax somewhat tired but it was expected maybe. I still don't know how my body should relax or how I should feel. I'm just going to have to give it a couple of more days. It was a new experience for me never had done this before so its hard to explain but all in all I liked it.”~ Jm CONTRERAS

2nd visit
“I have had 2 sessions with Jennifer. She is AWESOME!! I feel so comfortable with her and she is helping me learn more about myself. I feel good when I leave. I will keep coming back to Jennifer. She really does have a gift.” ~ Linda R

“I went to Jennifer for my first ever reiki session with no expectations as I really had very little experience. First of all she was so kind, patient, attentive and made me feel very comfortable. I shared some recent experiences that I had that I hadn't told anyone, and I couldn't believe I felt so comfortable doing it. She really has a gift! The experience was amazing! I will be going back to her and would recommend her to anyone!” ~ Leslie M

Jennifer is such an angel!!
“Jennifer was very kind, patient, compassionate and accommodating when I had my first reiki session with her. She's truly intuitive and can heal others! I felt so much happier and lighter after she had balanced me. The angel cards were very fun too! They were so on point and direct with what I was asking, and it was combined with Jennifer's intuitive gift, knowledge and background. I have never felt so at peace, especially during traffic. :) Im grateful, and will see her again!”~ Tina N

Great Reiki!
“What a healing visit to Jennifer! She is a true professional. I love the mind-body-spirit work she does. I feel better and ready to roll! Thank you!” ~ M.B.

Great energy
“Jennifer offers useful insights and solid recommendations on how to remove self-imposed obstacles and barriers. Her experience came through for me. I felt so remarkably better at the end of our session. And I came away with suggestions to continue the improvement.” ~ L.D.

“This was my first energy session. Jennifer is really knowledgable and provided me with many great insights throughout our session. She is very intuitive and has a positive personality" ~ Ryan DeGroot

Super Helpful and Balancing!
“Jennifer was very helpful and a great listener. I'm glad to have spent the time with her and I felt more balanced and grounded after I left. Plus, she went above and beyond and offered advice and to stay in touch with me as I am going through career changes in my life. I sense a long term relationship developing with her and needing to see her on-going in the future. I highly recommend her work!” ~ A.W.

Jennifer was thorough and I felt very much at ease
“The whole experience was very pleasant and helpful. Jennifer consulted with me and explained the technique that she uses as well as demonstrated it. It was relaxing and I am already feeling the results.” ~ Gloria Gross

Distance Reiki
“Jennifer and I had our first distance Reiki session and I wasn't sure what expect. My opinion was that it may not be as effective as our regular in-person sessions. Much to my surprise, the session started and I immediately felt shifts in my body. What ensued after that point were several very powerful emotional shifts. I will make it part of my therapy from now on. Thank you, Jennifer! You truly have a very immense healing power!” ~ D.O.

Great Listening and Reiki Session!
“My first visit with Jennifer was awesome! She listened and I felt a strong connection and trust with her. Trust is a huge component in the healing process. After my Reiki session I was wiped out and had to sleep. This is a sign that my body was processing a lot of healing energy. I will definitely go back to Jennifer.” ~ Debbie Martin

Jennifer is awesome!
“I have visited Jennifer several times over the past six months. Each visit has been an incredible experience and I never come back for the same thing twice. I am always amazed at how Jennifer will be on target about my real issues and concerns before even I completely understand what they may be. Jennifer's solutions are always simple, straight-forward and positive. I leave refreshed, uplifted and ready to face my world again with new energy, new hope and with a renewed spirit.” ~ Eva D

“I feel empowered when I leave Jennifer’s office. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for balance, better understanding of their emotions, and insight into the way they process the energy-laden situations of life. She has equipped me with insights to help me better understand & manage the pressures of life. I am amazed at the heightened clarity and the feeling of empowerment I have in the areas where I look to her for guidance. I trust Jennifer, and I know she has my well being at heart.” ~ Ana M

Reiki session
“Had an amazing experience with my reiki session with Jen! Jen makes you very relaxed and easy to talk to!” ~ Cassandra Landry

Wow...just wow.
“Jennifer is dialed in! Very connected to the universe—which I judge to be essential to this work! Her facilitation of my work was, in a word, AMAZING! Beyond the session, she provided tools that empower me to continue the work that we started.” ~ B.G.

Great Experience!
“Jennifer is so nice and awesome :) I have learned a lot from my visits with her. I am a better person because of this.” ~ Erin Quigley

Very uplifting and powerful experience!!
“Jennifer is excellent!! I didn't know what to expect at first but right away she made me feel comfortable and at ease. I have been to reiki in the past but I must say this was the best reiki experience I have ever had. I felt some much lighter and clear headed. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone!!” ~ Amanda Smith

Amazing experience and comfort
“Jennifer gave me more in an hour than others have given me in days. Not only did my heart lighten from the burden it's heavy under, but she gave me skills and affirmations to keep it lightened on my own in the coming days. I felt not only better, but finally safe with all that was going on. I'd recommend Jennifer a hundred times over.” ~ Christina A

Enriching Experience
“Jennifer’s calm and confident energy allows her clients to make significant shifts! I always feel great after a session and amazed at the changes I've been able to make.” ~ Amy E

Energetically clean!
“Jennifer's went beyond my expectations during our first session together. She used a variety of tools to better understand what I am looking for and she spent time really getting to know me. I look forward to working with her in the future!” ~ L.W.

Sending the Love
“Jennifer is amazing. Not only does Jennifer lead me to evaluate my physical health but guides me to look at my mind, body and spirit. Using positive energy to heal has opened me to receive good things. It is a continuous journey and I welcome Jennifer as my ‘tour guide’” ~ Kim F

Gotta Love Jennifer!
“I come to Jennifer with any number of emotional concerns or worries. Maybe I feel sad. Maybe I worry about my future and lack hope. Maybe I am anxious over a recent financial blunder. Whatever worry or pain I may feel when I arrive, I know I will leave with a new resolve, a new strength and a new skill to help me deal with my particular tribulation. Every session with Jennifer is gift I give myself.” ~ Eva D

Reiki session
“The Reiki session I had with Jennifer was a very enlightening experience. I am looking forward to working with you long distance ...whenever I am in Dallas next I will be booking in! Namaste” ~ Shari Disalvo

“I have had great difficulty rising above a number of physical and emotional challenges that have hit in the past 6 months of my normally wonderful life! I finally reached out for help and I am so crazy for waiting. I felt so much better immediately following my session with Jennifer and I have continued to heal since. Reiki should be as normal a part of our routines as showering! Jennifer is also an amazing coach. She said all the right things to help me rebalance.” ~ Kathleen Thomas

My Heart Reiki ROCKS!
“I feel so much better after a Jennifer session. I feel more balanced, more energetic, and more calm to face the road ahead. She is a Reiki master and a wonderful woman!” ~ Melany B

Not just Reiki!
“Jennifer is a wonderful Reiki master. She also helps you process any issues in your life and helps you to face what's next.” ~ L.B.

Very Good!
“I am still processing my visit, but overall it was definitely a positive experience! I feel more like myself, more energetic and happy. Looking forward to my next appointment and the book recommendations.” ~ A.H.

Highly recommend it!!
“Jennifer is very compassionate, intuitive and knowledgable. She was very helpful in providing emotional healing. In addition, she offered several resources that would help me heal in ways outside her expertise. I Look forward to my next appointment.” ~ Kris

Very down to earth, relatable Reiki Master
“Jennifer was so easy to talk to, extremely relatable and positive. I came to her exhausted and racked with anxiety and left feeling peace. She gave me resources to help me manage life outside the reiki room. I can hardly wait for my next session!” ~ K.T.

Wonderful experience
“Jennifer is truly committed to healing. She is knowledgeable about her craft, gifted in her talents. There is no heavy sell, only kind, empathetic and truly compassionate caring about helping her client improve their well being.” ~ J.S.

Another tool to maintain balance in career
Jennifer went out of her way to make sure she understood exactly what I was working through and where I wanted help. The whole session helped me clear out some issues and get better focus on what would drive my performance. ~ Mark P

I feel better and better every time
“Great experience every session. Jennifer has an openness, generosity, and tranquility about her that allows me to approach the healing with honesty, courage, and peace. I am amazed every time with just how much happens in the session and throughout the following week. One time was all it took for me to make Reiki a priority every week.” ~ D.H.

Excellent Experience
“Jennifer is very approachable, knowledgeable, and offers a variety of experiential options. She spent a lot of time with me and was careful to explain everything to me so I truly understood the whole process. I was very comfortable and walked out feeling totally refreshed.” ~ Amy Egan

Wonderful experience
“Relaxing, refreshing, a great experience! Jennifer is welcoming and is there to help you find what you need. She went out of her way to listen and understand what you are needing. I also loved all her extra goodies....like angel cards and essential oils for an extra health boost. Good advice and conversation with Jennifer. Easy to find location and super easy to pick and choose appointment times with her online scheduler. Plenty of days and times are available, and a email reminder.” ~ Pecca Kauitzsch

So Relaxing
“This was my first session with Jennifer. It was so relaxing. I left the session with a feeling of great relaxation & almost euphoric feeling. I can't wait till I have another session. Jennifer is awesome.” ~ K.B.

Reiki is Essential to My Wellbeing:)
“Reiki is essential to my wellbeing! I'm on a quest to getting healthy and living my life to the fullest. Jennifer is wonderful! She is kind and knowledgeable. The energy work she does is amazing. Feeling both refreshed and lighter than when coming in to see her. Jennifer spends time getting to know you as a person. I feel blessed to have found her and know that I will be a forever client :)”~ Penny B

Jennifer is Awesome
“You can't help but have a good reiki experience when you spend time with Jennifer. Her energy itself is enough to change your entire outlook on your day, yourself or your situation. Would definitely recommend her for any type of energy work or healing :)” ~ Jennifer S

“Thank you so much for helping me release all the emotions that i had hold back trying to remain strong. You are an amazing coach and healer, i am still experiencing the benefits of cleansing my chakras. " to receive one has to release” ~ Aura Vasquez

“Thanks so much for the much needed session. Stirring up all that energy allowed the most important blocks in my career to rise to the surface. You helped me clear them, and now I am on a roll again! God put you in my life at exactly the perfect time and place.” ~ Tracye Eppler

Finding my Strength!
“What an amazing experience every time I visit Jennifer and go through a session! She is knowledgeable, compassionate and so well versed in the needs of the client! Her office is warm and inviting as she take genuine time and effort to understand and help her clients. A true professional!” ~ Danielle Girdano

Warm heart and hands
“Jen knows what she is doing with energy work. I was listened too and immediately put at ease. I left feeling much more able to cope with the world and in less pain. Thank you” ~ James Ross