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Join Energy Alchemist, Jen Cunnings for this bi-weekly transformational experience during your lunch hour! You can participate from your phone or computer to attend these LIVE and personalized events. We will start this series Friday, July 6th at Noon and go every other week after that.

Depending on what's coming up for the collective group participating, we will work with clearing and transmuting dense, lower vibrational energy. After clearing, we will be focused on creating and aligning what will support us moving forward.  Each call will be customized to address what the group is requiring, so they will be unique and catered to YOU! 

Areas we may address:

~Freeing you from feeling low-energy, low confidence and discouragement.
~Increasing your ability to create and manifest
~Receiving abundance, universal support and prosperity

~Loving whole self and body.

~Fears, limitations and thoughts that hold us back

~Feeling less than, unworthy, fearful, ashamed, guilty or resentful

Jennifer is a powerful energy facilitator and uses her ability to transmute and shift your energy to help you make those desired changes in your life. What if a simple shift in your energy could change everything?? Jen uses her intuitive guidance to navigate through blocks, stuck emotions and heaviness that many of us carry around. She helps to clean your energy up, so you can feel clear to create your dreams!

A recording will be made available for all who register.

Only $12 per call!!  It’s like getting a full session for only $12!

FREE for Monthly Membership subscribers – RSVP HERE!