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  • Jen Cunnings, My Heart Reiki 1113 Hampshire Lane Richardson, TX 75080 (map)



Learn how to use your empathy to thrive!

I learned I was an empath just over 5 years ago and that discovery launched me into an inward journey that has taught me how to navigate and thrive through life as an empath.  Being an empath is truly a gift of awareness that can lead to dramatic healing of self.  I have also supported hundreds of empaths in my energy healing practice which has deepened my understanding of the core wounds that hold us back. 

Through this 4-week series, we will explore the energetic aspects of being an empath and how you can use these gifts to your advantage to feel empowered.  I hope you will join me on this powerful and exciting journey of self-discovery, awareness and ultimately how you can create beyond your perception of limitation. 

I look forward to connecting with you!



A four week series exploring empath awareness, energy healing applications, fear and unworthiness clearings, heart expansion techniques and healing meditations for elevating and upgrading your energy.  We will open up space for you to access your own inner power to thrive, elevate your life and create your dreams! 

Jen Cunnings, Intuitive Empath, Professional Energy Healing Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher guides you through the 4 phases of transformation to clear and release limiting beliefs and old emotions such as unworthiness, fear, shame, guilt, judgement, anger, blame etc. so that you can allow your true self to step forward and SHINE!! BECOME AN EMPOWERED EMPATH!

WHEN:  7/10/18 – 7/31/18.  Tuesdays from 6pm-8:30pm

WHERE: ONLINE or in Richardson, TX

HOW: Register here for $249.00 early bird ($299 after July 1st) Normal price $499.00

WHY: To go beyond the limitations empaths often exist in and to step into empowerment and create what you desire

This class will include:

  • Four weekly LIVE classes in Richardson, TX with option to join online via Zoom.
  • Two live interactive group Q&A calls with energy healings and clearings (Sundays)
  • Audio Recordings of all classes and calls to replay the clearings and tap into the energy.

Who this class is for:

  • If you have felt powerless in your life and are ready to embrace your own power!
  • You have negative judgments about yourself or others and are ready to be drama FREE!
  • You tend towards being sensitive to emotions of others and outside influences.
  • You would like to feel more peace and flow in your life.
  • You resonate with law of attraction, but don’t know what your blocks are in manifesting.
  • Would like to heal and release negative emotions and baggage to create a clean slate.

Class One: Energy Awareness

What is energy exactly and why do I care?  Knowledge of how energy works can change your life!  We will explore if your energy is thriving or perhaps you are being zapped and drained

-          How does your energy show up? 

-          Are you taking on emotions, burdens and the energy of others? 

-          Are you over being so sensitive and perceive your sensitivity as a burden versus a super power? 

-          How does your energy and the energy of others affect your relationships?

Class Two: Clearing Energy Tools and Empowering Meditation Techniques

Connect, center and create powerful shifts with easy and effective techniques that you can easily learn and practice.  Learn to work with “unwanted” emotions that surface in day-to-day life and what to do with them.  Shift your energy with powerful techniques infused with energy.

-          What would your life look like if you had healthy boundaries and balance in your relationships?

-          How helpful would it be to have a way to feel lighter when you feel drained by someone else’s energy?

-          What if you could begin an easy to implement self-care routine that will make drastic impacts on your day to day living?

Class Three: Healing and releasing past wounds – Cleaning out the closets

This part of the series goes deep into the places where we’ve hidden our past wounds.  Working with the inner child who was wasn’t heard or appreciated.  The place where we began to doubt ourselves as fun, light and free.   We begin to explore and excavate old fears, doubts about yourself and any place you don’t feel love for yourself.

-          What parts of you do your feel are inadequate or surrounded in fear?

-          Where is your self-esteem less than powerful and loving?

-          What fears hold you back from stepping into your desired life?

Class Four: Transformation: Creation and Manifestation

You as the butterfly have broken free from your cocoon of retreat, to explore your world in a whole new way.  You are ready to fly, thrive and feel peaceful and free!  Feel what it feels like to flow with life rather that fight against it. This is the place we arrive when more of our time is focused on creating your desired life.

-          What core emotions, feelings and values would you like to experience when you wake up?

-          What dreams have you be holding back on creating?

-          What if you had a magic wand with NO limitations or restrictions?  What would you create?




Earlier Event: July 6
Later Event: September 27