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Loving Your Body On Your Spiritual Journey

Jen shares her perspective on communing and connecting with your body while on your spiritual journey. Your body is along for the ride, and she offers energetic support via light language to help you in uniting and aligning with your body! Did you know?

The body has an intelligence system that we can access and communicate with.

The body contains all the wounds, beliefs, pain and residual karmic energy that we have carried from this lifetimes and other lifetimes.

The more we align and connect with our bodies coming from a place of allowance and respect, the more effectively we can manifest.

The body is an integral part of our spiritual journey, and it’s time we stop leaving our bodies behind.


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Jen Cunnings shares a brief guided visualization and energetic support to assist you in releasing past energies, whether that be programs, beliefs, stories, emotions, wounds etc.

Jen incorporates light language to assist in releasing and you can listed several times to continue to let go of layers.

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Happy New Year and blessings!!