light language

Clearing the energy of self-sabotage with light language

Jen Cunnings shares an energy healing activation to help clear the under lying energy that can create self-sabotage. We tap into healing some heart wounds of feeling unaccepted which hold us back from being ourselves. If you can sit back and just receive the energy from this, you'll get the most out of it! Jen is available for one-on-one sessions in which you receive a personalized light language activation along with an intuitively guided session to with powerful energy healing. You can find more about Jen here: Facebook: Instagram:


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Jen Cunnings shares a brief guided visualization and energetic support to assist you in releasing past energies, whether that be programs, beliefs, stories, emotions, wounds etc.

Jen incorporates light language to assist in releasing and you can listed several times to continue to let go of layers.

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Happy New Year and blessings!!