Light Language

Sacred Heart Activation & Message

This is an language of love activation and discussion about the Sacred Heart being a portal to your divinity. Jen Cunnings shares a channeled message and then offers a light language transmission about 10 minutes into the recording. You can skip to the light language, or listen to receive more about the energy of the sacred heart. Here's the message channeled: Activating and Awakening Your Sacred Heart Your sacred heart is your portal to access and awaken to your divinity or what may also be referred to as Christ consciousness. We are here to do what Jesus did on this planet. To awaken the Christ through the sacred heart portal that connects you to all that is. This isn’t just a one stop process as it’s an opening and evolving as your heighten and lighten your energies. Once you’ve opened your sacred heart, you begin to perceive the world through the eyes of unity and unconditional love. Your perceptions of yourself begin to shift as well as you’re ability to embody more light and therefore see yourself in light. The density of fear, unworthiness, shame and other low vibrational experiences begin to lighten as you are able to receive and hold more light in your body. This changes the biological structure of your body, including DNA change and grid changes. Your energetic structure will be aligned with your universal self, not just your human self that you perceive as separate as it existed in a 3rd dimensional timeline. The timeline you are aligning with is a frequency which is represented by a dimensional frequency. This is ascension simply put. Your energetic syncing up with higher dimensional vibrational frequencies and then you can hold those within your human body. Enjoy the video and activation!

Sound Healing To Activate Throat Chakra

Join Jen to explore how imbalances in the throat may prevent you feeling confident to express your true self amongst other issues. Receiving sound healing, light language and an energy transmission to balance, harmonize and activate your throat chakra. Be FREE to express your true divine authentic self!

Balance Your Chakras with Light Language

#chakrabalancing #lightlanguage #jencunnings #balanceyourchakras #energyactivation Jen is in the process of creating a light language program to support body-love and releasing excess weight. She was guided to share this chakra clearing activation as the energy was powerful in shifting some deep energies. You can listen multiple times for enhanced results. You can find out more about Jen at


Loving Your Body On Your Spiritual Journey

Jen shares her perspective on communing and connecting with your body while on your spiritual journey. Your body is along for the ride, and she offers energetic support via light language to help you in uniting and aligning with your body! Did you know?

The body has an intelligence system that we can access and communicate with.

The body contains all the wounds, beliefs, pain and residual karmic energy that we have carried from this lifetimes and other lifetimes.

The more we align and connect with our bodies coming from a place of allowance and respect, the more effectively we can manifest.

The body is an integral part of our spiritual journey, and it’s time we stop leaving our bodies behind.