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Reiki Master Certification Series



Begin with Reiki Level I and take your certification all the way through Reiki Master Teacher. You can attend the whole series, or pick out classes individually. If you have taken Reiki I or II before, it is recommended to begin the series with Reiki Level I as content may vary.

Reiki is a wonderful and powerful way to begin learning and practicing energy healing. You will be able to perform energy healing sessions on yourself and others. In these class, the Reiki energy has been upgraded to align with the higher frequencies of energy we are experiencing on this planet. Each Reiki attunement you receive will align you with the highest Reiki frequency available to you. This energy supports you in accessing your own highest self, intuition and your gifts!

You will receive a certification to practice Reiki after each Level is completed. All students can join a community to connect with other practitioners and energy healers and to share information, ask for help or set up shares.


Certified Reiki Level I Practitioner: Sunday, 5/4/19, 9:30-5:30pm (Plus 2-hour Online introduction) $195.00

Certified Reiki Level II Practitioner – Sunday, 5/18/19, 9:30-5:30pm (Plus 2-hour Online introduction) $225.00

Certified Reiki Master – Immersion 2 day class, Saturday & Sunday June 1 & 2, $495.00

Certified Reiki Master Teacher – On going support, with individualized one-on-one coaching. Learn to teach your own classes with this hands-on Internship plus individual mentorship including 2 hours of one on one coaching and materials to set up your first class. ($300.00) – Start dates depend on student preference after completion of Reiki Master Level.

BUNDLE OPTIONS – Choose One Option:

Reiki Master Certification Series: $795.00 ($120 SAVINGS!)

(payment plan $285/month for 3 months)

Reiki Master Teacher Certification Series $1095 ($120 SAVINGS)

(payment plan $280/month for 4 months)

(must sign up for the series to receive savings, additional payment plans available). Text 972-816-6299 for questions.

ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Cunnings is a Reiki Master Teacher with over 20 years’ experience with Reiki and various powerful healing modalities. She has studied with 5 Reiki Master Teachers over the years and has received her Master Teacher training several times. She is passionate about teaching her students all the amazing benefits of Reiki and has had the ultimate pleasure of watching their spiritual paths grow and enlighten!

*What does upgraded Reiki mean? Energetically, we are living in unprecedented times when it comes to our energetic frequencies. What this means is that when Reiki came through about a hundred years ago, the energy of the earth and all its inhabitants was a bit different. It was vibrating slower and at a lower frequency. In recent years, we have been collectively increasing our vibration and expanding our consciousness. Because of our shifts, the traditional Reiki energy has become a bit out of sync. As a student of energy, I have adjusted the vibration of this class, so that as you receive your Reiki attunements, they are more in alignment with your personal frequency. The Reiki attunements have literally be upgraded so they meet your vibration or higher and you are more in sync with the changes that are happening. What that means for you is an easier time in aligning with the energy and clearing out what no longer serves you.


This certification class taught by seasoned Reiki Master/Teacher, Jennifer Cunnings of My Heart Reiki ( provides an in-depth understanding and experience of Reiki. You will gain the confidence to feel and work with Reiki energy on yourself and others. Your intuition increases while expanding your mind and energy! A Reiki class is an amazing way to learn how to access energy in a powerful way!

In this series you will learn and experience:

· How to use Reiki to provide healing for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

· How to scan for and release energy blocks .

· How to use Reiki to attain your goals and desires and amplify manifestations

· To balance and clear your chakras.

· Cleansing activities to clear and protect your own energy.

· How to listen to your own internal guidance system

· How to give a powerful Reiki session on yourself and others, including animals and plants.

$195.00 for the series includes comprehensive manual, resource materials, certification and 3 Reiki attunements aligning you with the UPGRADED Reiki Frequency.


Elevate and expand your Reiki experience to higher frequencies and receive your certification as a Reiki Level II Practitioner. You will enhance your energy to support yourself and others. You will improve your use of energy tools and techniques and build your confidence. You will strengthen your ability to do remote/long distance healing as well as utilize specific Reiki symbols.

Professional Reiki Master Teacher, Jennifer Cunnings will develop your experience with Reiki and support you in raising your vibration to allow a stronger connection and enhanced intuition.

You will receive:

· 3 powerful energy attunements (upgraded energy)

· Comprehensive 70-page manual and handouts

· Long distance healing techniques and practice

· Powerful emotional self-healing methods

· Symbols to strengthen your practice

· Ways to strengthen your manifestation

You will also receive crystals you will learn how to charge with Reiki energy you can use on yourself and in your Reiki sessions. The tools you acquire during this class will take your Reiki practice to the next level and strengthen your energy. *Prerequisite - Reiki I Certification

$225 for course, materials, a set of Reiki charged crystals and attunements.


For students ready to continue and heighten their journey with Reiki, Jennifer Cunnings will be teaching this advanced professional course for those who have completed both level one and two certifications. You will attain the certification as a USUI REIKI MASTER. If you choose, you will also be eligible for teacher training, which includes internship and mentorship if you wish to take your practice to a professional level,

During this experience you will:

• Receive 3 master level attunements to raise your vibration and elevate you to the master level.

• Receive many new symbols and discover how to use them in your sessions and mediations.

• Learn to give a Reiki attunement to yourself and others (more than one attunement method will be taught).

• Learn master techniques and powerful cleansing meditations.

• Special energy clearing and energy activating techniques

• Specific instruction on working with energy as an empath

• Receive two comprehensive manuals giving you a broad scope of information.

• Receive a Reiki Certification as a Reiki Master.

($495 individual class)


PREQUISITE: Completion of Reiki Level I & II

ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Cunnings is a Reiki Master Teacher with over 20 years’ experience with Reiki and various powerful healing modalities. She has studied with 5 Reiki Master Teachers over the years and has received her Master Teacher training from different teachers. She is passionate about teaching her students all the amazing benefits of Reiki and has had the ultimate pleasure of watching their spiritual paths grow and enlighten!

Learn more about Jennifer and the REIKI MASTER TEACHER DALLAS CLASS by going to or call 972-816-6299


Jennifer is a wonderful teacher and healer. I cannot provide a more enthusiastic recommendation for her class. Jennifer has applied her gifts for both healing, coaching and teaching. As her student (Usui Reiki Level 1), I can attest that her classes are outstanding. She is 100% prepared, tailors the material as necessary to individual needs, and shows great compassion and patience for her students. I plan to attend her Reiki II and Reiki Master classes also. I also have never attended a better organized class. She is professional but also very friendly. She takes wonderful care of her clients and students. In both my professional and my personal life, I'm so grateful to have met Jennifer. So give her classes a try; amazing things will happen! ~Linda

Thank you Jennifer for a wonderful Reiki 1 class! It was an awesome experience, and I look forward to more classes in the future. ~ Shella

I have studied Reiki with Jennifer from my introductory class through Reiki Master-Teacher level. I also received holistic health coaching from her. Her knowledge base is broad and deep. She provides her services with integrity and generosity to both students and clients. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her.

What did you think of class? I don't even have words...I think my tears said it all! :) a great group of people I hope to connect with again on this journey. ~ Robin