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Reiki Level I Certification Class

Due to popular demand, I am offering this powerful Reiki I Certification Class beginning 2/22 for three consecutive weeks! This class will be fun and filled with support for you to embark on your own individual Reiki journey. The energy is upgraded and the vibes are high!

Give yourself the gift of connecting deeper within and accessing the unlimited potential of working with energy! You will enjoy conducting energy sessions on yourself and others. It's a gift that will last a lifetime!


3 week class starting February 22nd – March 8th. Thursdays from 6pm-9pm.


This certification class taught by professional Reiki Master/Teacher, Jennifer Cunnings of My Heart Reiki ( provides an in-depth understanding and experience of Reiki. You will gain the confidence to feel and work with Reiki energy on yourself and others. Your intuition increases while expanding your mind and energy! A Reiki class is an amazing way to learn how to access energy in a powerful way! In this series you will learn and experience:

· How to use Reiki to provide healing for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

· How to scan for and release energy blocks.

· How to create desired intentions.

· How to use Reiki to attain your goals and desires and amplify manifestations

· To balance and clear your chakras and an overview of the chakra system.

· Cleansing activities to clear and protect your own energy.

· How to listen to your own internal guidance system

· How to give a powerful Reiki session on yourself and others, including animals and plants.

$185.00 for the series includes comprehensive manual, resource materials, certification and 3 Reiki attunements aligning you with the UPGRADED Reiki Frequency.

RSVP to confirm your spot as space is limited! Investment can be paid via paypal:

What does upgraded Reiki mean? Energetically, we are living in unprecedented times when it comes to our energetic frequencies. What this means is that when Reiki came through about a hundred years ago, the energy of the earth was a bit different. It was vibrating slower and at a lower frequency. In recent years, we have been collectively increasing our vibration and expanding our consciousness. Because of our shifts, the traditional Reiki energy has become a bit out of sync. As a student of energy, I have adjusted the vibration of this class, so that as you receive your Reiki attunements, they are more in alignment with your personal frequency and the raised frequency of the plant.

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