WATCH me on "Living The Shift" Show with Angela Coulter

I had a wonderful experience joining Angela on her show, Living the Shift where we discuss being distracted by the "shinies"! It was an elightening discussion about focusing your attention on loving your true authentic self and giving your self the attention you deserve! We also included an energy clearing at the end that you can tap into!

Streamed live on Jul 28, 2015

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Do you find yourself spending an inordinate time focusing on ____________, to the point that it's limiting your overall progress? Fill in the blank; you know what "it" is! Part of this existence of duality/separation - driven by the ego/mind, as it was created to do - has been to look at the separate, individual bits that make up the bigger picture. In doing that, we've often become comfortable in the space of separation, to the point that we lose sight of the whole! This includes items as small as minor, non-debilitating physical ailments, minor hiccups in the flow of our day/week/month/year/life, and even individual events (including news and other media) that cause a blockage to allowing us to flow in and express our full Divine purpose!

This week, fellow spiritual practitioner and healing facilitator/instructor +Jennifer Cunnings will join me, and we'll talk about how to tell between when something is actually worthy to stop and look at, or if it's actually just a "shiny" that's holding us back. This can be physical, environmental, emotional (including holding yourself back because of someone else in your life)... you name it! We'll also discuss how to begin to flow past such distractions and blockages... so you can be all you came here to be!

DO YOU HAVE A RELEVANT QUESTION OR PERSPECTIVE PERTAINING TO THIS TOPIC? During the LIVE episode, you can type it in the Q&A box, or NOW you can CALL IN during the LIVE SHOW (via BlogTalkRadio), at +516 418 5791.

In the meantime, you can check out the "Living the Shift" (formerly "Spiritual Coffee") playlist here:

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