Navigating Unchartered Seas

Navigating Unchartered Seas

If you’re experiencing highs and lows of emotions and energy levels, you’re not alone. This September has been unprecedented in terms of energy shifts.  The good news: you have a huge opportunity for more spiritual awakening and the true expression of your soul self.

So what does this mean for you, your life and present situation?  How can you thrive while so much change and upheaval is taking place both within and out?

Just take a look at the global chaos that is happening for so many.  This is the energy of change and of cleansing.  This is the energy of transformation and of the upliftment of humanity, even though on the surface, it seems like that may be farthest thing from the truth. So again, you may ask, what does this have to do with ME?

The answer to that question is EVERYTHING!  These changes are happening for all of us at some level or another.  Here are some ways to manage this time of change:

Be Aware

One of the keys is maintain awareness of all that is happening within your mind, your external environment and in your emotions.  How do you react to the media, news, the election, your spouse or partner?  What goes on in your thoughts as your day begins and ends? Have you had the same pattern of repeating experiences for months? Years?

You can choose to have awareness about you, your thoughts and feelings in relation to everything in your life.  To identify the areas that are out of alignment with your greater good or your higher self, notice where you don’t feel comfortable.  This is a good time to journal and write out what doesn’t feel good and what’s coming up for you, even if it’s just jotting down words for later.  Have you been angry, overwhelmed, resentful, judgmental or sad?  Maybe you have been hyper critical of yourself or others.  This awareness is basically showing you all the places you don’t love yourself.

While the process is painful, the awareness you find are the keys to your kingdom. With it, you can begin to create a space of love and acceptance for all those areas of your life that you would typically judge and even loathe. It can be a simple practice of saying “I love you” to yourself in the mirror, to a part of your body or to an emotion you’ve been feeling.

Just as you would love and accept a baby for being a baby, you can accept all the parts of you as if they were innocent little babies or a sweet little pet.  Because the truth is, all those parts of you really are innocent, pure and perfect.  Did you know that you are absolutely, without exception completely perfect just as you are now?  Well you are! If you have trouble with this, try to see yourself through God’s eyes, with full unconditional love and acceptance.

Accept and Honor Yourself

Another practice that will help you through these unchartered energetic times is to just allow and honor whatever is showing up for you to be okay.  For instance, yesterday I woke up and had zero energy.  Even though I had gotten over 8 hours of sleep, I was still exhausted and gave myself permission to take the day off.  I took TWO naps, stayed in bed all day and still went to bed at 9pm.  My body needed this to process some of the energy shifts I was experiencing, so I chose to honor what was showing up and let myself rest.

Try not to fight against what your body and your feelings are trying to tell you.  Consider that every experience and feeling is information that your spirit is trying to communicate to you for your best benefit.

Love yourself through every thought, feeling, pain and emotion and you will move closer to that full love and acceptance that is available for you.  Go with all the ebbs and flows with as much grace and ease as you can.  Also remember that you are supported throughout all of this, but if you feel like you need extra help, ask your angels and ask those around you for support.  The universe can only respond to you if you ask!

I’m sending you tons of love and light right now!