SPIRITUAL WISDOM: Much More Than Knowledge

I have been on a spiritual journey of sorts since I was 19, after taking my first Reiki class and reading a few key books that opened up my mind and soul to the possibilities of understanding spiritual wisdom that has yet to be scientifically explained.  This metaphysical world fascinated me, and I dove in to learn as much as a could about topics such as energy healing, law of attraction, reprogramming the subconscious mind and accessing intuition. After 20 years of exploring and growing on this path, I’ve come across many ah-ha’s and many understandings that often would dispel previously held beliefs.  I want to share a couple of experiences that you or others may be having that may support you.

Spiritual wisdom is much more than knowledge! I’ve read a ton of books, listened to well-respected/well-known spiritual teachers, taken umpteen classes and then would wonder why after all these teachings and knowledge, nothing was really changing.  All of the understandings and experiences I had were wonderful, but I really only had intellectual understandings, because I did not fully incorporate or practice what I learned, but instead would be stuck in my mental mind.  I did not impact much change on an energetic level.  For example, I understood the concepts of “The Law of Attraction” inside and out and even would apply it “sometimes”, but until I really began to immerse myself into the law of attraction as a daily, even hourly practice, it would just remain an understanding. It was helpful to have information about these concepts, but wasn’t making the improvements I was hoping for until I actually deepened my experience and began to apply the information daily and energetically.

There is no end to uncover what needs healing if you keep digging.  In healing, you may have heard the term, “peeling away layers of the onion,” meaning layer by layer we address healing around all the negative or traumatic events we’ve endured.  Well, let me shed some light on this topic.  There are an infinite number of layers that we can continue to peel and heal!  Think about the eons of past lives you have had and all the trauma and drama you’ve experienced.  After many years of peeling my onion, it felt like there was no end in sight.  I was disheartened, as there was issue after issue which I recognized created my limiting beliefs, negative emotions and energetic blocks.

Once I stopped looking into what needed “fixing” in my past and started to invest my energy and my time on what I wanted to create in the present and the future, it was a game changer for me.  I began to manifest and attract what I wanted in life.  I began to see my choices from an empowered perspective versus being a victim of my circumstances from the past.  I now get to choose from a place of creating as I no longer seek to “heal” the past. I know that I am perfect just the way I am and so are you!  I powerfully know that I create my life with the choices I make, and in doing so, the past crap just dissolves away because it can no longer live in the light that I have chosen to live in.

There are many ah-ha moments along the path and these are a couple that have been highlighted for me over the past year or so.  Just remember to trust yourself along the way, as all the truth and wisdom resides within you, not without.


The practice of listening to your own inner wisdom is an extremely important lesson for all of us to understand and implement in a daily practice.  I have been nudged to write about this topic for over a year now but decided to ignore those inner voices. I finally got in touch and listened to my higher self which propelled me to move forward, and this is what I am excited to share here…how to get in touch with that part of ourselves that is our inner wisdom and the essence of our soul.
We all have this voice inside of us; call it intuition, inner knowing, insight or a gut feeling.  This is our own internal guidance system, our own GPS that will NEVER steer us wrong, as long as we take time to listen, check in and keep our ego (fear based thoughts) out of the way.  When we go within, we empower ourselves and connect with our deepest desires. We open up our potential and we align with our purpose.
So what can we do to pay attention and listen to our truth?  I’ll list here a couple of ideas to get started and let your inner wisdom guide you.
1.       Still the mind and go within.  One of the reasons we can easily overlook our inner guidance is we are constantly moving, doing and going, which can be a distraction from listening within.  It is not possible to hear the messages if we’re moving a 100 miles an hour.  It is extremely beneficial to connect and check in with ourselves to hear the subtle messages that will guide us seamlessly through life if we listen.  Try a meditation class or a guided mediation if you need help learning to quiet the mind and connect.
2.       Awareness about how we process our decisions in life.  Think about all the decisions we make in our lives, both big and small.  It could be as minor as what shirt to wear or what to eat for breakfast.  Even these small decisions can be guided by your higher self and can bring more joy to your day.  Your body knows what it wants to feel nourished, and you know what color to wear to feel your best.
3.       Trust and take action.  It’s when we second guess ourselves and spend too much time in our left brain over analyzing and debating, that we question ourselves and move in directions that are not true to our hearts. When we take guided action, we strengthen our connection to ourselves and build trust in the messages we receive.
4.       Focus and listen to what your heart wants and ask the question, “What do I really want”?  Try an experiment:  For one day, every move you make, every thought you think, ask yourself, “What do I really want?"  What choice do I have here that will make me FEEL GOOD?”  Go the direction of what will make you feel good and see where your day takes you.  Honor every thought that guides you. It may be to call an old friend, take a nap, write in a journal, take a walk, start a book, take the day off of work, take a road trip, have a bath, meditate, make amends, speak your truth, or start something new.  Don’t question yourself, just follow your own intuition for just one day, and find out what new experiences you’ll create for yourself.
When we take the time to practice listening, to access this knowledge and then to trust its wisdom, we can then begin walking in alignment with our divine life purpose. It’s when we pay attention to ourselves, our inner truth, and follow that guidance that we can find peace and fulfillment, because we are honoring our true nature.
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