In our busy and hectic lives, staying present and grounded can be a challenge. The concern here, is the less we are grounded, the more difficult it can be to manifest our desires. Jennifer Cunnings of My Heart Reiki discusses how you can stay present and grounded every day to improve your manifestation ability. Check out for more on energy healing, manifestation and spirituality.

Here is a quick guided visualization to support you in getting grounded! Enjoy!

Essential Oils for Emotional & Energy Healing

I've been interested in aromatherapy for some time now and really began to research and use oils on a daily basis a few years ago.  I have had success using essential oils for cuts, burns, indigestion, energy, anxiety, sleep issues and much more.  While it was wonderful to have natural resources on hand, I really became obsessed with using essential oils when I read "Emotions & Essential Oils"  and more recently, "Aroma Heal" and learned how these high vibrational oils could support emotional and energy healing. I am an Empath who is super sensitive to other people's energy. As I began to use various oils to protect my energy as well as clear negative energy from my field, I began to feel lighter and higher in energy and mood.  I started to incorporate with my clients in my energy healing sessions and they loved it! There are a couple of go to oils that I will share here that are really powerful in cleansing and protecting your energy and emotions.

Melaleuca - Also known as Tea Tree oil is described as the oil of energetic boundaries.  This is an Empath's dream oil and can be used daily to maintain your energy and vitality by clearing negative baggage and help clear away toxic relationships.

Sage - Don't like the smell of sage smudge and want to clear your space?  Sage is a wonderful space clearing oil that is as effective as smudging without the smoke.

Lemongrass -  Talk about and oil that is an all around cleanser!  Clear toxic energy from your self and your space with this super versatile and yummy smelling oil.  Emotionally, Lemongrass helps you release old limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward.

Thyme - This powerful oil can really go deep in releasing unresolved feelings and stagnant energy.  It addresses the emotional body by helping to clear all negativity allowing your heart to open to love and forgiveness.

Rosemary - I use Rosemary primarily as a space cleanser and it works great mixed with Sage Essential Oil.  Rosemary also uplifts and energizes!

Although I call these oils little miracles in a bottle, they do require your attention and support as you decide to clear the negativity in your life.  They are a tool just as you would consider medication a tool.  There's no miracle drug or magical cures, we still need to do the work but it's nice to know there are many support resources out there and I am sure glad I found oils to support me on my path!




This certification class taught by Reiki Master/Teacher, Jennifer Cunnings provides an in-depth understanding of Reiki that far exceeds what can be taught in a one day course.  You will gain the confidence to feel and work with Reiki energy because you will have ample time to practice on yourself, friends and classmates.   You will receive a Reiki attunement at the end of each class which connects you to the Reiki frequency.

In this series you will learn and experience:

  • How to check and balance chakra system
  • How Reiki can provide healing for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects
  • What chakras are and why are they important to know about in energy healing
  • The specific Reiki hand positions (Western & Traditional styles)
  • How to scan for energy blocks and areas that need attention.
  • Cleansing activities to clean and protect your energy
  • How to listen to your own internal guidance system
  • How to give a powerful Reiki session on all living beings including yourself
  • Specific techniques for self-healing.

Where: 125 Cedar Sage Drive, Garland TX 75040

When: September 29, 2013 from 2pm – 5pm (4 week series)

$155 for the series includes manual, materials, hands-on practice,

4 Reiki attunements & Reiki Level I Usui Teate Certificate.

Pre-registration with $55 deposit is required by 9.21.2013 @

Jennifer Cunnings is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an active member of the International Center for Reiki Training. She is a Heart 2 Heart and Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner which enables her to apply vibrational energy therapy, including therapeutic essential oils and crystals to support the spiritual journey for each of her students and clients. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, has studied with the Dallas School of Metaphysics and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition®.  Jennifer is passionate about applying holistic healing techniques that enable each person to tap into their own ability to heal themselves.



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