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Shifting Perspectives

Some days you just wake up and the world can seem a dismal place and you can feel like life is moving against you or like you're walking through water making little progress.  It's times like this where I pull out all the stops and take action to get myself back on track and shift my perspective to that which is alignment with myself and divine creator.  I make a conscious effort to raise my vibration and find that happy place again. 1. Step one - stop feeling sorry for myself and realize this is my ego surfacing trying to get my attention and surround me with fear.

2. Listen to a positive guided meditation to center myself to get back in touch with my true self.  Maybe take a hot sea salt bath to draw out toxic emotions.

3. Initiate shifting of perspective.  Acknowledge that these thoughts that have caused me distress and not real, but only a product of my ego (fear based thoughts).  If I choose to shift my perspective to that of higher consciousness and align with source, I can reach the place of peace and contentment that I know is the only "real" stuff anyway.

4. Get outside and commune with nature (I'll be heading to White Rock Lake later today).

5. Find some like-minded people to help lift me up or get some energy work done to rebalance my system.

My point is that you can take action and initiate a game plan to shift these feelings and elevate your emotions to higher perspectives.  As I'm writing this, I have now created my to do list for today!



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5 Reasons to try Reiki today!

1. Stress reduction and relaxation2. Helps to heal physical pain 3. Emotional balancing 4. Energy balancing 5. Feel good all over!

Reiki therapies are known to improve one's spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. It has the power to initiate deep relaxation and help relieve a person from all his pains and sufferings. After a therapy session, your energy balance is restored. At this point, the body's natural healing process commences. Reiki therapy is widely used these days in aiding people with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and multiple sclerosis for them to manage their diseases better.

If you live in the DFW Metroplex and would like to try a Reiki session, call today! Sessions can be conducted in my home in Richardson or also at the Spiritual Fitness Center at Arapaho and Coit in Richardson. I am also open to travelling most locations in Dallas.

Call or email today!



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