I have the privilege for working with the best clients in the world! I am so grateful that so many have contributed a review after working with me.  I’d like to share a few reviews with you here and if you want to read more, here’s the link:

Wow!  I have had great difficulty rising above a number of physical and emotional challenges that have hit in the past 6 months of my normally wonderful life! I finally reached out for help and I am so crazy for waiting. I felt so much better immediately following my session with Jennifer and I have continued to heal since. Reiki should be as normal a part of our routines as showering! Jennifer is also an amazing coach. She said all the right things to help me rebalance. ~Kathleen

Breakthrough!  Thanks so much for the much needed session. Stirring up all that energy allowed the most important blocks in my career to rise to the surface. You helped me clear them, and now I am on a roll again! God put you in my life at exactly the perfect time and place. ~Tracye

Gotta Love Jennifer! I come to Jennifer with any number of emotional concerns or worries. Maybe I feel sad. Maybe I worry about my future and lack hope. Maybe I am anxious over a recent financial blunder. Whatever worry or pain I may feel when I arrive, I know I will leave with a new resolve, a new strength and a new skill to help me deal with my particular tribulation. Every session with Jennifer is gift I give myself. ~Eva