New Year Message

Greetings and Happy New Year!  

Did you know that this is the perfect time for you to step into your power, be who you are and shine that amazing light of yours?  Well it is! And not just because it's the New Year, but because it is YOUR time! Wouldn't it feel great to have more freedom, more abundance and to feel amazing every day?


Many of us have spent our lives focusing on pleasing others or conforming to the expectations of others.  In doing this we actually dim our light and are not able to truly step into the power and purpose that we are meant to express to world.  We're even taught that it's better to give than to receive, but is it?


Perhaps the ideal place is to seek balance between giving and receiving.  It is important to be able to take care of yourself and put your needs first before you can service and support the rest of world!  If not, your energy can become drained and you're no good to anyone, especially yourself.  It's like in the airplane, you need to put your mask on first before helping those around you.


I am seeing a beautiful trend of shifting and transition into receiving because we have released so much stuff this past year that we're able to more fully receive the goodness the universe is sending our way.  A client received the same message during our session this week.  She said she heard clearly while on the table, "To receive, one has to release."  When we let go of what no longer resonates, we begin to open up to endless possibilities and allow the flow of abundance to come in all ways!


My purpose now is to empower my clients to access their inner power, intuition and gain clarity moving into their life purpose.  If you are ready to really shine your light in the world, let me know how I can support you!


Here's to a wonderful year ahead!! It's time to create, so let's do this!


Thank you for being in my life! You are appreciated and loved!