4 Things You Can Do Today To Improve How You Feel.

How To Get Happy

1. Meditate – if you’re new to meditation, download a guided relaxation meditation or find a class to learn the basics. The impact regularly practiced mediation can have on your life is indescribable. It brings you in alignment with your true self and gets you on the path to live your purpose. 2. Add Some Veggies – instead of doing a major overhaul on your diet by following the latest diet fad, start by adding some vegetables to every meal. Your nutrition will improve and you will feel good about your choices. Next step, is cut out anything white (white flour, sugar, processed food). 3. Go Outside – we all need sunshine and many of us do not get enough. Over 80% of America’s population is deficient in Vitamin D. The sun recharges you and helps keep you energy balances. Make it a point to get at least a few minutes of sun every day. 4. Massage/Reiki – Take time out for yourself on a regular basis to relax. If it’s out of your budget, ask your therapist if they do a sliding scale or trade shoulder rubs with a friend. Regular Reiki treatments open your mind and help you to manage your stress. It can be the beginning of a new journey.