It has been too long since I have written to connect with you! Since everything is happening so fast, I haven't been in touch as often as I would like, but I wanted to post an update today to let you know the happenings!  There are several reasons why I haven’t been on top of communications and here are my excuses!  I have begun a couple of new creative projects that I'm super excited about, including writing a book and creating a new website (check it out).  My family and I have sold our home and purchased a new one in Allen, TX and we moved last week! On top of all of that, I am enjoying a thriving practice of wonderful clients and teaching classes! It’s really shaking out to be a year of lots of busy plus massive change and from what I can tell; I’m not the only one. I am seeing a consistent theme with my clients who are riding the wave of change.  Whether it’s personal, professional or just mental perspective changes, most of us are going through something that is rocking our world in one way or another.  I am privileged to witness and support these changes for some of you and I LOVE seeing the awareness, the epiphanies and the infusion of self-empowerment.  It is truly at time of self-reflection leading to enlightenment and a new way of interacting with the world.  We are realizing that we are very powerful beings who can manifest at the drop of a hat if we are clear in our energy.

If you are feeling stuck through any of these changes, know that you have all the resources and tools you need to get through. Use quiet time to breathe, meditate and ground yourself to access wisdom.  Use nature to clear your energy and get clarity.  Use movement and affirmations to move through areas where you feel stuck. We are experiencing some big shifts and it’s so helpful to support each other as we go through these changes.  If you need support, let me know how I can help!

On a side note, because of my upcoming move and then a trip in July to Mt. Shasta, California where I will be training to be a Trinity Energy Progression Facilitator, I have put some of my regularly scheduled events and classes on hold until August. There are several classes taught by other amazing teachers which will still be happening! Here’s a link to our growing Meetup group where you can stay informed of events and classes.  Holistic & Energy Healing Meetup

I hope all is wonderful in your world!

Warmest wishes, Jen