4 MORNING ESSENTIALS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY Every great day starts by having a good morning. An easy morning routine that caters to both your body and spirit really makes a difference in setting intentions for a great day. You may have heard about the many benefits of starting off your day with activities such as drinking warm water with lemon, exercise and stretching. While these suggestions are fabulous, let me also introduce you to some activities that are easy and quick to incorporate and have long-term positive benefits.

Here are four activities you can add to your morning routine that take less than 15 minutes all together.

1. Oil Pulling – Take a tablespoon of organic coconut or sesame oil into your mouth upon waking. Swish around your mouth for minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 20. This Ayurvedic practice pulls toxins and clears bacteria that build up in the mouth. I do this as soon as I wake up and before I get into the shower so that by the time I’m dressed, it’s been 20 minutes. 2. Morning Mirror Affirmations – When used consistently, with feeling and while looking at yourself in the mirror, affirmations can dramatically change your life and align you with what you are affirming. Choose 2-3 affirmations to work with at a time and while getting ready in the morning, look at yourself intently in the eyes and repeat your affirmations out loud at least 10 times. Also, consider repeating your affirmations while driving or walking for reinforcement. Effective affirmations begin with an “I am” statement. For example, “I am safe, healthy and filled with joy”. 3. Dry Brushing may take a bit of extra time, but is worth waking up a little earlier to add to your routine. It’s like giving your body a vigorous massage to start the day. Get yourself a natural dry bristle brush and check out YouTube videos for instructions. When I dry brush, I lose my craving for coffee because I feel so energized and invigorated. Additional benefits include releasing toxins, improving circulation, clearing the lymphatic system and shedding dead skin cells. 4. Shower meditation – To maximize my time in the morning, I use the shower to do some basic visualization and intention settings. I start by getting grounded, visualizing tree roots growing from my feet into the center of the earth. I also imagine I am under a waterfall where the water is washing away all negativity and other people’s energy starting my day off with a clean slate. Be creative, but be conscious about the thoughts that are going through your head as you start your day. I use this time in the shower to create the day I want by using intentions and visualizations.

Adding any of these four morning activities will help you begin your day with purpose and passion—I know they work for me. When you start your day with intention, and are purposeful with your thoughts and actions, you can create an experience that comes from a place of choice and mastery versus being reactive. Good luck!