We often hear the term empath equated with terms like protection, survival or even being a victim.  This is the disempowered empath!  We don't often hear about the empowered empath who intuitive, bright, strong, powerful and confident.  My purpose is to help all empaths step into their empowerment and even be able to release  the tools that are all about protection.
(although tools can be a great place to start!)

Here are the differences between an Empowered Empath and a Disempowered Empath

·       Takes on the emotions, energies, responsibilities and burdens from others.
·       Has an imbalance with giving and receiving (too much giving).
·       Feels drained, heavy or even physical ill after too much people interaction (Peopling).
·       Does not realize the full potential of their light, their power and their strength.
·       Feels stuck and often a victim to outside circumstances. 
·       Often hopes of changing can feel overwhelming.
·       Is often in protection mode versus standing in their power mode.

·       Knows that self-care and keeping one’s “cup full” is number one priority
·       Has a balance of giving and receiving in all relationships
·       Does not do things out of obligation, being guilted or manipulated
·       Stands strong in following inner truth and takes action accordingly
·       Feels light, bright, confident and strong
·       Is focused on creating a life desired.  Is able to manifest with greater ease.
·       Knows that when the self is fulfilled with self-love, the capacity to help others is significantly magnified
·       Feels powerful in themselves to create change within and without.

If you are feeling more disempowered, than empowered you are doing yourself and others a disservice as you're not fully able to step into who you really are!  You're too busy pleasing others to know what you really want and to show up as the true, authentic version of you!  When your cup is full, you can be greater service to the world!  

Beginning in May, I will be offering a 4 week series entitled:  Empowerment for the Emerging Empath.  More details to come!!!  Mark your calendars for Tuesday evenings starting May 1st!

I hope life is going wonderful and you are feeling empowered!!
Much love, Jen