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11/11 Realign Retreat

  • The Villa Texas Mineola, TX 75773 United States (map)

11/11 Realignment Retreat

When was the last time you completely gave to yourself or allowed yourself to receive? When was the last time you felt, pampered, nurtured and total peace? When was the last time you carved out time to focus on what you want in your life? If you haven’t been putting yourself as the first one on your list, this retreat is for you!

This will be multi-faceted experience focused reconnecting you with your true nature of peace and love in body, mind & spirit. The magical date of 11/11 creates a greater opportunity to let go of past and direct your attention to manifest and create your desired life. (The number 1111 signifies an energetic gateway is open, and this will rapidly manifests your thoughts into reality. Number 1 is about new beginnings and reminds us we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and actions.)

Christi Tracy and Jen Cunnings have created a powerful weekend retreat of experiences focused on you connecting to yourself in a way you may never have before!

• You will nourish your body with all-levels yoga and nature walks.
• You will tap into your desires and creativity to fuel what you want to experience in life.
• You will experience powerful group energy healing sessions, meditations and guided visualizations to release and let go of old emotions and worn out patterns that are no longer supporting your journey.
• You will be able to align your intentions with what you want to create.
• You will receive one-on-one support during our group gatherings.
• You will connect with your tribe of powerful women and make lifetime friends.
• You will take home with you powerful tools and resources to continue your practice physically and spiritually.

The stunning location has been carefully selected to create a perfect place for you to receive and let go of all stress and hustle and bustle of life. This is a space where you can feel nourished by your surroundings. It's called the Villa A gourmet vegan chef is on staff to personally prepare all your meals. All you need to do is click on the link to see how gorgeous this Italian 55-acre property is with its beautiful fountains, hills, mineral lakes & scenic trails.

We will begin Friday, November 9th and depart November 11th. The personal investment of $625 (if reserved with deposit before November 1st and $695 for late register space provided) includes EVERYTHING! Accommodations, personally prepared gourmet food, activities, materials and event experience itself.

Space is very limited, and this date is just around the corner. You can secure your spot today with a $200 deposit with the remainder due November 1st.

Deposit only

Full Investment $625

About Christi

Christi is a 500hr E RYT (Experienced - Registered Yoga Teacher) and holds a BBA from University of North Texas. With over 6,000 yoga teaching hours of experience and extensive business experience, Christi is well qualified. She is the owner, creator and lead trainer of Grow Yoga. Grow Yoga offers yoga teacher trainings, life coaching and corporate yoga. Christi has created programs by blending together years of practice, education, trainings and experiences. She is an effective motivator and coach with a genuine passion for each individual experiencing her yoga classes , one on one coaching sessions and trainings. Christi is 100% invested in the personal and professional growth of every student.

About Jen

Jen is an intuitive energy practitioner, a Reiki Master & Teacher as well as Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She has trained for over 20 years in many energy healing and holistic health modalities, in which she brings to her private coaching practice. She has helped hundreds of clients through coaching and healing sessions move through challenges to get clear of who they are and what they want to create in life. She teaches a variety of classes geared towards spirituality, meditation, empath empowerment, energy healing, manifestation and more. She is the owner of The Haven, a space in Richardson, TX hosting a variety of yoga, dance, healing and art classes. Jen believes that we all have an inherent true nature that many of us have denied, and her purpose to show you, your most powerful self, so you can create the life you’ve always dreamed about.